Good morning,

Just to say the Smith-Corona was delivered back to me safe and sound. Delighted with the servicing of it and will now give it to my daughter who is about to start work as an English teaching assistant. A family heirloom from her grandmother who was herself an English teacher.


Many thanks and kindest regards,


Richard (Ayrshire)

10th September 2020 

Dear Mr. Blackman,

Thank you for sending me the Olympia typewriter, so promptly (it arrived the next day) and so well packaged. I love it, although as you can probably see I need some practice in order to do it justice. So much more satisfying to use than a computer keyboard and a big improvement on the electric beast I was using before. Oh the joy of hearing that little bell and returning the carriage manually! 

It looks very much at home in it's new surroundings, appropriately a 1960 chalet complex with pine louvre cupboard doors, but it will not be sitting idly looking 'authentic' as it will get plenty of use. Incidentally I do not regard  it as particularly  'vintage' as it is twenty years younger than me!

You cannot imagine what a pleasure it is to own this machine especially at such a depressing time. I only wish I had known about you before but did not discover you till earlier this year when I needed a ribbon for The Beast.

Wishing you all the best,

Erin (Norwich)

18th August 2020

Hello there,

I Just wanted to get in touch and say thanks very much indeed for the brilliant Imperial 220, which works excellently.

This is my first typewriter, and I look forward to using it for years to come on all sorts of projects.

It'll be cared for and treasured!


Jon  (Forest of Dean)

31st July 2020

The Olympia Splendid arrived this morning. It's a beauty, the condition is amazing and it types perfectly. It'll make a beautiful present. Thank you so much!


Lesley (Dronfield)

15th July 2020

Dear Mr Blackman,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Adler, I just love it! so many memories and such fun. A good solid and easy to use machine which I know will bring many hours of good use. It may take me awhile to adjust but it'll be worth it.

Thank you again for such a wonderful, well packed and magical typewriter.

Yours Sincerely,

Sally (West Midlands)

6th July 2020

Hi there,

Just wanted to say that I have received my Junior Adler in the post safe.

Working beautifully and in fabulous condition.

Thanks so much!

Camilla (Northwich)

2nd July 2020

Dear George,


Just a quick note to say the typewriter (Adler Gabriele 25) has arrived safe and sound, and we have already been busy typing and experimenting with formats etc.

It is a delight and seems to be working perfectly.


Thanks so much!

Mark (Todmorden)

29th June 2020

Dear Mr Blackman,

I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you so much for my Adler Tippa S, I am absolutely delighted with it, it is a beautiful typewriter. Having grown up in the 80's and the dawn of the personal computer, the only typewriter I had was one to play with, even though I am probably the last generation who attended secretarial college.

Over lockdown I have found myself corresponding more and more by post (actual letters not emails!) and I thought what a wonderful idea it would be to have an actual typewriter to whizz a letter off on. Really, I should be corresponding with you by typewriter, however even though I can type at 100 wpm, I still need a little time to get used to the Adler; not quite the same as a laptop! Not sure I will go as far as typing out my novel manuscripts on it, but I am absolutely in love with it; I feel like i've been transported to a different era, I just love the little 'ping' sound.

Best wishes,

Lisa (Gloucester)

27th June 2020

Thank you for the prompt shipping of the Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, I'm very pleased with it. It's like going back to driving without power steering.

Thanks again,


25th June 2020


I just wanted to say, the Olivetti is absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to start using it. I'm just trying to familiarise myself with the various functions first. I'm really pleased with the condition it is in and it looks as though it's barely been used in it's 60-odd years of life!

Many thanks,



20th June 2020

Dear Messrs Blackman,

I wanted to write to thank you so very much for the beautiful Imperial 220 which arrived safely today. I have already written three letters with it and am completely enamoured! I have no doubt it will prove to be a wonderful companion (not that my husband isn't also great, ha ha), particularly  as we see through this awful pandemic. I will certainly recommend your outstanding shop to the typewriter enthusiasts in my life.


With all good wishes,


10th June 2020


I'm just emailing to confirm the safe arrival of the 1960's Impex Maria portable, which we are delighted with.

Many thanks for taking such good care with the packaging. As it's for our daughter's 18th birthday in July, we haven't used it yet but are really looking forward to trying it out!


Many thanks again,


8th June 2020


I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the excellent service you provided in supplying me with my typewriter purchase. I ordered the typewriter on Thursday and it arrived the following Monday in perfect condition, complete with instruction booklet and carry case. It was a lovely  surprise for me to get it so quickly.

I have wanted a vintage typewriter for a long time and finally decided to treat myself. I ordered the Olympia Monica, a beautiful refurbished machine which I shall be making good use of.


Kind Regards,

Anne (Leicester)

11th May 2020

Dear George,

Adler Tippa arrived safely as it was incredibly well packaged, it is indeed a thing of beauty. Can't wait to get typing, don't think i've been this excited since I bought my first camera!

Thank you for your amazing service, I shall definitely be recommending your company to anyone else I know who wants a typewriter of  quality and the assurance that it will arrive in perfect condition and working order.

Kind Regards,


9th May 2020

Dear George,

Thank you so much for the fast delivery of my Olympia typewriter, I have had a practice after 55 years since last using one and it was brilliant.  I have been thinking of buying one for a long time and am so pleased that I chose your shop.


Thank you,

Christine (Manchester)


Just to say I'm absolutely delighted with the magic you have worked on my Remington manual typewriter, it looks lovely and I've been able to test it out, though it's quite a stretch to adjust from the light/quick touch required for a computer keyboard to the slower heavier touch on a proper typewriter!

And thanks for your advice on packing and posting.

Thanks again,

Maggie (Kirby)

Dear Mr Blackman,

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of Olympia Traveller typewriter which I received the very next day.

I wish to let you know that I am very pleased with it and will get much pleasure from it.

Once again my sincere thanks to you.


Your Sincerely,

Mary (Combe Martin)

Dear Mr Blackman,

I would like to thank you for the lovely portable Olivetti 22 made in Glasgow.

It arrived in a very well padded box safely and in perfect condition.

It is a great little machine, which I have wrapped up as my birthday present for my husband however I do admit to tying it out first.

I was so tempted to keep it for myself as I tried it out and loved it, at first I had a problem with the keys sticking but I blame my poor technique of not taking care to press the keys carefully and clustered three together too quickly.

Thank you again for your valued attention.

I shall buy another typewriter soon for myself, I know that I will buy it from you as you are the most reliable to buy from. It is not always possible to feel so secure and confident as it has been with you for making an online purchase, this makes a huge difference of course.


I am very grateful.

Kind Regards,

Lorna (Tisbury)

Good morning to you all,

I'm rather late sending this email but I wanted to say thank you for fixing up my old Remington Noiseless portable, it's really very much appreciated.

To find people who work on vintage equipment is a blessing. I hope that you are fulfilled by it as well as enjoying a successful business.

With my very best wishes,

Peter (Beccles)

Dear George,

Just to say I am delighted with my recent purchase of the Hermes 3000 which is in incredibly good condition and very clean.

Types like a dream!

Thank you for your continued good service.


Kind regards,

Derek  (Edinburgh)

Dear all,
           Just to let you know my typewriter Olympia SM2 (1953) arrived safely yesterday morning. After spending most of the day just looking at it I finally plucked up the courage to write something and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Many thanks for your great service and prompt delivery.


Sylvia (Biddulph)

Good afternoon, George and Neil


I'm delighted with the SM9. Very impressed with the packaging too! In gorgeous condition and a pleasure to use.


When my hubby unwrapped it at the office yesterday, he sent me a photo, with the comment "It's the new combined keyboard and printer!" :)


All the very best

Angie (Dublin)

Dear All,


Just a note further to the recent order when there was a problem with delivery of one of your typewriters which got 'stuck' in Glasgow!


After having the machine for a few days now, and after my brother and I sorted out how to use it, on Mum's behalf (apparently that's what sons and daughters are for!), my 86 yr old Mum says she's delighted with it. It's a beautiful machine, beautifully restored, and your customer service in chasing up the problem in Glasgow was exemplary. So much better than the brand-new one she'd seen in a magazine and which when I did some internet research was reviewed as rubbish. Why go brand-new when you can go classic excellence?


Many thanks,


Lindsay (Oban)

Dear George,

Just to let you know the Imperial Good Companion typewriter arrived safely at lunchtime. It is beautiful, thank you.

Best wishes,


The Glenmorangie Company

Leith Street, Edinburgh

Dear Mr Blackman,

A few lines to thank you so much for the typewriter which arrived this morning, I'm so pleased with it, you were so prompt with my enquiry and helped me to make a good choice.

A pleasure these days, as few companies are as accommodating  and helpful, and keep their word to the letter.

Thank you again for your great service and hope to do business with you in the future.

Yours  sincerely 

Denise (Telford)

Dear Mr Blackman and Company,


I am absolutely thrilled with the wonderful service you have provided. I ordered the typewriter (red Everest, 1951) on Tuesday evening and it arrived in wonderful working order on Thursday morning. It was carefully and safely packed, and the care clearly given to restoring the typewriter is truly beautiful.


Thank you again for your wonderful service


With very best wishes,


Dr James McGrath

Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing Leeds Beckett University

Good Arfternoon,

My Adler Tippa has just arrived and I have been practising the usual phrases for typing,  and all is well.

I will be using the typewriter next week, so will get back to you if necessary, though i am sure all will be splendid.

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and careful packing.

I am really pleased and very happy to begin my project next week using my lovely Adler Tippa.


Best Wishes,


Lola (Chichester)

Dear Mr Blackman,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the love and attention spent on restoring the beautiful Royal 'O' 1937 typewriter that I received so efficiently and promptly today.

It is a wondrously beautiful and elegant piece of machinery and I am in love with it already.

Thank you so much for doing what you do - and for the excellent sales and delivery service.

With kind regards,

Adele (Darlington)

Dear George

Just a short thank you for restoring these wonderful machines. I gave up my Beaucourt Reporter for a laptop over 30 years ago, but a couple of years back I bought an Olivetti 32 on Etsi for a song, and surprisingly it was in very good shape. I gave it to my sister, foolishly thinking that I was over that fad, but recently I realised that I could not do without all that noise and effort. So, I turned to the experts, and I'm very glad I did - pristine, works a treat, and of course it is so much better writing with a huge grin on your face.

Not much technology is beautiful, but some typewriters are, and you deserve a medal for allowing us to purchase them at all!


Many thanks,


Max  (Bedford)

Dear Mr Blackman,

I am writing to say how very pleased I am with the restoration work you did to my Olympia typewriter. When my friend took it to your workshop it was a broken shabby machine, much used in the past before the advent of the computer era but long since retired. When my friend brought it home to me I hardly recognised it as the same sorry looking machine he had taken away. It is glossy and handsome, working in all its parts and a pleasure to use once again. The case also looks good, you have repaired the broken handle and worked on the cover, altogether given it a new life.

I am delighted and satisfied with the work, thank you.


Yours sincerely,

Pat (Boxgrove) 

Dear George,

The typewriter arrived safe and sound this morning.

It is working just great. In fact it has never worked better.

So thank you for putting it into tip-top, ship-shape.

Best wishes,

Nick (London)

A typewriter enthusiast's mecca! I have been taking my typewriters (of which I probably have too many) to be serviced, cleaned and generally cared for by Neil and Gavin for some time and they are fantastic. I have also purchased a couple of collectable typewriters from them at very competitive prices. Their knowledge of machines is awe-inspiring and I can while away a happy hour or two in their company  discussing makes, mechanics and manufacture. As a collector i've learned a great deal from them. I have always found them extremely professional, courteous and eminently trustworthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else. 


Anna (Rye)

Thank you so much for bringing back to life my in-laws typewriters - my husband is so happy to have them part of his life again- brilliant service and again thank you.


Caroline  (Brighton)


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