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Olympia SM9 Portable (1971)

Olympia SM9 Portable (1971)

SKU: OLYMSM97120324

Manufactured in 1971 at Olympia's Wilhelmshaven factory, this top of the range model is in superb original condition. SM9's were made to a very fine standard and were very popular with writers and newspaper reporters. The machine has been fully serviced in our workshop and writes beautifully with a lovely clear elite 12 typeface, and being the top of the range features a keyset tabulator, pop up paper support, and a keyboard touch control. It is supplied with the original carry case with key, original user instructions, and Olympia typeface cleaning brush. This model is widely regarded as one of the best portable typewriters ever made, and this is a very fine example.

Replacement ribbons for this machine are available to order on our website. (Group 1 )



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