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Hermes 3000 Portable (1966)

Hermes 3000 Portable (1966)

SKU: HERM3000663424

A lovely example of this iconic Swiss portable, manufactured in 1966 with original seafoam green paintwork and light green keytops. The machine has been fully serviced in our workshop with a new ribbon fitted and is a lovely typewriter to use with it's beautiful light touch to the keyboard, and has a standard elite 12 typestyle. The typewriter is supplied with the original carry cover, original cleaning brushes, original user instructions and guarantee slip, which shows the typewriter was first sold in London in 1967. Nowadays this model is much sought after due to it's superb design. The actor Tom Hanks who is an avid collector and user of typewriters says this is his most favourite model.

Replacement ribbons for this machine are available to order on our website. (Group 9 )



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