Remington Folding Portable (1928)

Remington Folding Portable (1928)

SKU: REM212721

This fabulous looking portable with folding typebars, was assembled at Remingtons London factory in 1928 and is in excellent original condition. It has been fully serviced with a new ribbon fitted and is in very good working order, with a nice clear pica 10 typeface (10 characters to the inch). The top cover has the original gold lettering and on the left-hand side has a lovely red 'Remington Typewriter' badge which is still in very good original condition. The machine has shiny black enamel paintwork with attractive cream keytops and chrome key rings. Supplied with it's original carry case, and a copy of user instructions, it is a very fine collectable typewriter in beautiful condition.

Replacement ribbon for this machine is available to rewind onto the original spools. (group 1)