Olivetti Valentine Portable (1969)

Olivetti Valentine Portable (1969)


This fabulous looking portable was manufactured by the famous Italian company Olivetti in 1969 and is in fantastic original condition. Designed by Italian Ettore Sottsass and Briton Perry King, the model was launched in 1969 and is probably the most famous of Olivetti's typewriters. At the end of the sixties the 'Valentine' arrived to bring excitement to the mundane look of office equipment. Over the years due to it's iconic pop art design, it has been exhibited in museums across the world and has become a very sought after typewriter. This machine has been fully serviced in our workshop with a new ribbon fitted and writes excellently with a nice standard elite typeface giving you 12 characters to the inch. It is the top of the range version of the 'Valentine' with a keyset tabulator, and is supplied with a copy of user instructions and the original carry cover, designed to double up as a waste paper bin when using the typewriter!

Replacement ribbons for this machine are available to order on our website. (Group 4 )