Corona 3 Special Folding Portable (1933)

Corona 3 Special Folding Portable (1933)

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This superb folding portable was manufactured in the USA by L.C. Smith & Corona in 1933 for export to Britain. It is quite rare to find this 'Special' model which has a slightly longer platen roller for wider paper insertion, shift keys on the left and right side of the keyboard and a linespace lever unlike the earlier models. This example is in excellent original condition, the front panel has beautiful original gold lettering on the black crackle finish paintwork.  Fully serviced in our workshop with a new ribbon fitted, this 88 year old typewriter has a nice pica typeface (10 characters to the inch) and is supplied with it's original maker's carry case, and a copy of user instructions.  A beautiful collectable typewriter in good working order.

Replacement ribbon for this machine is available to rewind onto the original spools. (group 1)